Our vision is to see a world where African American people are no longer subjugated to and oppressed by a white supremacist ideology in any form or facet and at any level, and wherever it may rear its ugly head that it be swiftly eradicated.

A brief description

Our plan is to establish fifty additional BLM INCORPORATED chapters throughout the country, strategically positioned in major cities with the highest concentrations of Blacks nationwide with headquarters located in Maryland.

Where we are today

Mark Fisher is the founding partner of “The Black Block RI” in which his team has bought an entire business block in downtown Pawtucket and dedicated it to supporting and elevating black-owned businesses in Rhode Island. This project also includes extremely affordable housing for people who are going through challenging times.

As the Senior Director of Rhode Island Black Lives Matter, Mark developed initiatives to create equality in Rhode Island and beyond. This included creating the first-ever African-American Library in New England called “The African American Innovation Center” to help youth believe in their dreams but also get the tools to achieve them. One of his most proud initiatives teaches coding to individuals from the inner-city who get paid $300 a month and then graduate the program with the skills to be able to earn a $50,000 annual salary.

A brief history

Black Women Matter rally with Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott & HHS Secretary Womazetta Jones
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Core IssuesThe focus of the work for BLM INCORPORATED centers on two focus areas.
• Entrepreneurship Education• Financial Empowerment