The Future is Ours!

Our Mission

BLM INCORPORATED's mission is to create a position of power within and throughout Maryland for African American people and communities via entrepreneurship education and financial empowerment.

BLM INCORPORATED is continuing the legacy of so many Black freedom fighters before us by taking our people’s and our communities’ destiny into our own hands. To that end, we have begun the process of opening the first Black Legacy & Resource Library / Business & Innovation Center in Maryland. This Black Lives Matter educational centerpiece will be named the Black Legacy Business and Innovation Center and will be a networking hub dedicated to education, innovation and to showcasing African American excellence.

BLM INCORPORATED's diverse team has proven its method of advocacy by not only working with government officials of the highest level but also by developing Black Lives Matter executives throughout New England whose impact on a policy level as well as socially and culturally is significant.

Protesting use of force at East Providence Police Department.
Pressing for state's first ever hate crime enhancement. We got it!

All Power to the People!


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